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Advanced Communication Gadgets


Introducing 2RS comprehensive voice over IP intercom, PA systems, and advanced Ready-to-use license and license-free Two-Ways Communication Radios. Our reliable and versatile line of products transmits pure digital data via LAN and WAN, with a wide variety of IP terminals and Workgroup communication regimes to choose from. The devices come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from the conventional analog and digital Radios to other LTE and Wi-Fi enabled Handheld devices in Smartphone formats for Security professionals, Private Individuals, and Business owners.


Our unique body cameras combine cutting-edge technology with ruggedness, ease of use, ultimate portability, and reliability. With a built-in LED flashlight, infrared night vision, ultra-smooth speed and local storage capacity up to 64gb, the 2RS Body Camera products line, allows for seamless playback and one-touch recording, with capability for video transfer from a recording device to a server or the cloud.        


Supporting Hardware Equipment

  • Work Group Communicators
  • Repeater Stations
  • Intercom & PA Systems
  • Security Headsets & Accessories